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Welcome to the

Queer-Affirming Provider Network

This is a tight-knit referral network, in which I can have confidence referring out to other providers that work with the queer community, including trans, non-binary, gender-nonconforming.

I have been receiving more requests to treat patients -or find other providers for patients- who are not only going through emotional aspects of their queer identity, but may also be recovering from surgery, need pain management, along with other healing modalities.

Queer-Affirming Providers needed

in Austin, TX:


-Integrative Health Professionals

-Massage Therapists

-Yoga Instructors


-Physical Therapists



and more!

If you are a provider in the Austin area that is interested in being part of the referral network, please contact me with any specifics regarding your experience with Queer-friendly, Gender-Affirming, or Trauma-Informed care.

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